Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Extras

I promised Dave I'd give him a picture of Richie getting in trouble, so here it is!
I know this sounds mean, but for some reason it makes us giggle to see him being disciplined.
Is that bad?
Pat is giving him a "talking to" after Richie accidentally ran over EJ with his mini Jeep.

Just came across this one: Praying for the Blevins (I hope I spelled it right)


  1. Haha! He looks so cute with his head in his hand, as if he got into a real accident! He's thinking, "Oh, man. My wife is going to kill me, and my insurance premium is going to skyrocket."

  2. In my poor Pat's defense...He was telling Richie that it was okay. He's not a hater, he's a lover hahaha


  3. I just puked from glo's comment! hahaha...


  4. thanks Steph!! I thought I was the only that wanted to puke from that comment. hahaha

  5. oh my goodness, that picture of richie is so funny!! he's so cute.