Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas...

...or maybe not so Merry when you're a 2 month old baby and your mom is forcing you to wear a hot, itchy wool hat.
If you were not one of the lucky ones to have received a Christmas card from me...(it was probably b/c I did not have your address) here it is!! Zoe, our funny looking yellow lab, was supposed to be in the picture, but she would not cooperate. I was trying to get creative and wanted a photo of just Hunter and Zoe, but Zoe was a snob about it and didn't want to be near Hunter. So then we went to plan B and just decided to do a family portrait style card. Well, Zoe got so excited that we actually let her on the bed for the first time, that she thought it was playtime and would not sit still!! Finally, we had to just kick her out. Poor dog! It's bad enough that Hunter would not sit still, I couldn't afford to have two things blurred out in the photo. :)
Originally Hunter was supposed to be wearing this hat.
But then, he decided he didn't like it, and Dave spent the next half hour trying to calm him down. So I thought, I'll just keep clicking away...
horizontal1 such I'm still clicking...
IMG_1229 I thought, hmm, maybe Zoe would like to wear the hat. hahaha Who do you think wore it best?
The end of a long day of modeling. I just love this shot of her. She looks so sophisticated.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Wonderful Hubs

This is my wonderful husband, the Navy Chaplain, getting ready to attend the Marine Corps Ball in Las Vegas. Doesn't he look smashing?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hunter In Vegas

So when Hunter was about 3 weeks old, we took him on a road trip to Vegas. His first trip out into the real world involved a one night's stay at Caesar's Palace with the sound of slot machines ringing all around. The hotel was beautiful!! I should add that the only reason why we went to Vegas was for the Marine Corps Ball.

This first round of shots involved a lot of running back and forth b/c Hunter kept falling sideways.