Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KED's Wedding

Introducing the lovely Kevin & Esther Doh. What a beautiful wedding they had!! I was so in love with the Venue.
Hey, Mr Buns, I've been inspired to plan our vow renewal ceremony. How's about it?
Stay tuned for more photos from the wedding - couple photo session with the Pastor and his wife. They deserve a separate post all on their own.

Here they are in all their glory. You would think I would've taken more of them considering I'm an aspiring wedding photographer, but I didn't want to get in the way of their photographer so I was a bit camera shy. Here's the 2 I managed to get.

The Flower Girl, acting all demure.
The Ringbearer.
Brother and Sister. How cute!!!

Don't be confused, these two are NOT brother and sister!
Don't worry Buns, the bangs are going away for good. I don't like them at all!!

My next photo victims, Irene and Dave. I can't wait for their wedding to come! It's going to be a blast. They are such a cute couple!!

Stony & Paul, ever the humorous couple. They crack me up!! Love the new hair cut Stony. hahaha

Anchors away? hahaha JUST KIDDING!!

This was the best idea ever. A bubble tea stand!

The monkey that made his debut on the ring pillow.

Bang sisters reunited.

Taking a break from photographing.

This looks like a Sears catalog ad.

What better way to end the post than to show a picture of the future Mr. and Mrs. Lee! hahaha


  1. Once again, some great shots! Hard to comment since there are so many. My colleague saw them and was impressed, too!

    But she asked, "Wow. Korean women really like to kiss each other, huh?" Haha!

  2. Susan, you are so talented. I loved every pic. You have found your niche!! You are not only a fashionista but photgrapher extraordinaire! - Charisa

  3. susan, EXCELLENT photo of maggie!! she looks GREAT!!!! please send to my mom. haha. i kid...

    also, i heart your nephew. great photos of the sibs.

  4. Your comment about Sears catalog cracked me up. I guess I'm on the same page with you on that. :) Since when did you look at Sears catalog?