Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Richie!!!

It was my favorite nephew's 5th birthday yesterday so what an appropriate time to post the pictures I took at his BBQ party this past weekend. This little boy always manages to make me laugh till my buttons pop off.

My most favorite photos of Chloe. A model in the making.

Her quintessential "ajooma" pose. This is the pose that will get her discovered.
Look out Kate Moss!!

The Dad. This is usually the look that I get from him. hahaha

The other aunt and future uncle. She doesn't like this photo b/c their noses look like anchors

The happy Mom!

This one is so sneaky.
She was biting holes in all the dumplings and then putting them back in the plate.

I had so many cute ones of Jaden. He is such a ham!
A photographer's dream b/c most kids run away whereas Jaden will stand there and pose for me
till I'm done. Thanks Jaden!!

This one leaves me speechless and cracking up laughing everytime.
Do I see a Pastor in the making??

Please ask Sean to show you the "wing" magic trick using this dollar bill.

Uncle Pat debutting his new metro outfit that his future wife picked out.

Can you guess who's arm that is?

This was the last picture of the day. Even though his facial expression is not the most ideal it still makes me laugh!! Happy Birthday Richie!!


  1. whoa! max is fat!!! hahaha! great pictures!! they keep getting better and better.

  2. hey sus, great pics once again. that picture of glo and pat with your comment of "anchor noses" cracks me up...and so does the pic of richie posing like he's praying so hard! i'm still laughing to myself as i'm writing this. can't believe richie's 5 already. happy belated b-day richie! see you all next month!!!

  3. oops...forgot to sign my name. the above comment was from me--kelly, your cuz

  4. These are great! Chloe seriously is a model, but seriously, what's with the pose? Haha!

    Funny. Richard and Pat give you the same looks that I do when you try to photograph me. Hmm.

    And where are the pictures of Richie crying? I was looking forward to those. Haha! Sorry. I don't know why that's funny, but to me, it is. =)

  5. that anchor comment was said in confidentiality! hahaha ;P

  6. yea, definitely Dave Kwon Do's arm. You can always tell by the tight t-shirt that he borrows from Irene. =) Much love Dave.

  7. hahahahaha!!! LOVE these pix!! sus! please print them out for me!
    i too am laughing from all your commentaries & also the comments of others!
    anchors away! :P