Friday, July 31, 2009

Richard + Theresa Lee

Here's to my sister and brother-in law! Happily married for...6 yrs...I think. Now here they are 2 kids later and still look as stunning as ever. I will miss them very much. They say that a couple's first deployment is always the hardest. My first deployment was a breeze, and I owe it all to these lovely folks. Never once did I feel alone or without support. Not only will I miss them as my family but also as my pastoral and spiritual guidance. So don't ever take for granted what is right in front of you.



  1. The lighting is perfect in these pictures! Great job!

  2. aww i love these! theresa's so pretty. pastor rich is alright. hahaha i love the scrunched up nose photo. where were these taken?

  3. I never know where to reply when people ask questions so hopefully you check back to see if I've answered. haha These were taken at Kevin & Esther's wedding venue.