Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monica & Timmy

I was so fortunate to have this lovely "twosome" (I can't call them a couple just yet) model for me as they debut their budding "friendship." It was totally on a whim. As Maggie and I were taking practice shots, I saw M&T walking to their car and called them over. They were such great sports putting up with all my cheesy poses. Thanks guys! I owe you one!! Aren't they so cute?

These next two shots are very similar but I couldn't help but post both b/c I couldn't decide which one I liked better. So I made one blk/ wht and just posted both. haha


  1. Great shots! I'm not sure what a "twosome" is, and if I had a "friend" like this, I'm sure you wouldn't be happy. Haha!

    Euphemisms... Just call it what it is. They look nice together, thanks in part to you! =)