Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day with the family

I decided to take advantage of the fact that our entire family was under one roof as we celebrated Mother's day. It was sad that my husbuns was not there with us but there is a spot left open for him in our family photo below and one day when I'm bored, I will photoshop him in. haha

Of course the day started with me taking photos of my favorite nephew Richie!!

I don't know why but I just liked this image. In case you're wondering, she is texting her beloved fiance, Pat.

There is a boy behind there somewhere
Oh buns, I wish you were here!

This photo was a challenge b/c her face and body was
completely underexposed and practically blackened out.


  1. I really like the second to last one of Pat and Glo! The one of Theresa kissing Richie is cute as is the one of Richie hugging the mop.

    I feel so bad for your parents. Now you have them doing gay poses... *sigh* Poor Mr. and Mrs. Bang.

  2. Dave... you think your honeymoon was bad... this was for MOTHER'S DAY... Imagine what you're going to have to do so that Susan can practice her photography...

  3. LOVE these photos!!!!
    glo & pat, you guys look great!!

  4. aww i LOVE the pics, susan!! that's an awesome family pic.

    why do you call him "buns"??? =P

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  6. oh my goodness!!! these pics are soooo precious!! it really would have been perfect if dave was in the picture as well.... susan, you HAVE TO photoshop dave in the picture :) i really like the way you placed the family members..

    dave's comment's so funny about your parents posing as ... they really look lovely.

    susan, out of all the pics you took, these pics are by far the BEST!!

    prich, you still look like a mischievous boy :)

    the 4th pic of richie w johann looks like a pic from a magazine, very, very well taken or well photoshopped :) my bad theresa.. it must be the model :)

  7. susan, in case you are wondering why i deleted the previous post.. i just wanted to edit one word.. i thought it'd be simple, but i had to delete the whole thing & repost.. thought you might be curious..

  8. yes I was curious Katie! hahaha thanks for all your comments. It made my day!! :) I didn't even know you were reading my blog. hahaha

    and Irene, to answer your question, I call him buns b/c it's short for Honey Buns and it's much more fun to call him Buns than Dave...especially b/c I know it embarasses him. hahaha

  9. your photos are getting better and better! i love these!

  10. ... photoshop is so cool!... the family portrait is the best. I felt like if this was streamed in a rapid slideshow it could be the stills for a Reality show.... "Life with a Bang"

  11. susan, amazing you got your parents to pose for pics. they look so cute. love the family pic!