Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More pictures from Mother's Day

So my camera is getting repaired, and I feel so naked without it. I didn't want my VERY FEW readers to stray away so I decided to post some more pictures from Mother's Day. It's a slew of different kids as usual. Gosh I hope I'm not pigeonholing myself into doing children's photography. Don't forget folks, my ultimate goal is to be a wedding photography. hahaha


  1. I really like the last two!

    Wow. Richie can compile his own portfolio at this point!

  2. who are those two handsome boys?? haha

    aaron's got a nice fake smile :) thanks susan!!

    richie's a pro now! looks very natural :)
    the first pic of richie looks like a pic from the 60s :)
    i really like the black/white pic!

    theresa, you should definitely create albums for your kids!! susan's doing all the pic taking, so half of your work is done!! i have hard time chasing my kids to take pics. i wish i had someone taking pics of them for me & photoshop!!! :):)