Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Franchia, NYC

Wow! It's only been one week since I've been without my camera and it feels like an eternity. I still haven't it gotten back from repairs so I'll have to post some old photos again. These were taken at a shoot that I went on with Maggie. This gig had our stomach's growling till the very end. If you're ever in NY I highly recommend that you stop in for lunch or dinner. The food is vegan but absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious!!!!!! Being that I am an avid meat lover, you should take my word for it and go there!! Check out the site for more of our photos: Franchia
Aren't you hungry now? PS, none of these photos have been retouched so yes, the food is actually really this good!


  1. MMmmmmm....looks so good! Great shots!! Repairs? Your camera is broken already??

  2. Sushi? What's that? I've been deployed for too long. Thanks for making me miss home even more. Haha!

    These are great shots! Indoor photography can be such a challenge! I really like the first one.

  3. well not broken, just need to get the focusing plate replaced. I recently switched cameras.

  4. You should place a warning:

    Don't view when hungry.

  5. hey.. you changed your logo.. i really liked your first one.. very unique

  6. now i'm hungry again... :)