Friday, April 3, 2009

Photoshop Trickery

It's been a while since I've shot so I decided to take some old photos and do some photoshop tricks. I also learned about The Rule of Thirds, in achieving a well composed photo, from Punam. So I googled it today and did some more research into it. The photos that I've worked on today demonstrate not only my agile skills of cropping/ stretching/ cloning in photoshop (j/k haha) but also demonstrates what I learned regarding the "rule of thirds". Enjoy!!

These first two photos I just put up b/c I like them. haha

So here's the BEFORE:

and the AFTER (of much cropping, cloning, & stretchging):
(notice how I tried to follow the rule of thirds by making sure
Richie's eyes landed on the intersecting lines. Also used
the handy blur tool to mask some of my erroneous cloning
and stretching on the left side to extend the picture out.)
(this one was quite a challenge b/c I had to draw in a big
portion of his shirt at the bottom and sides.)


  1. love them! although richie doesn't look too great in those pix b/c he needed a hair cut! hahaha

  2. Um, I think you're addicted to comments. It's worse than heroin.

    I don't get the rule, but it does make the pictures look much nicer! I definitely like the new ones better!

    See? It's composition more than Photoshop! Haha!

  3. Chloe is SO CUTE! Richie looks SO PISSED! Haha!

  4. richie has the look of, "emmo no more pictures" and i'm gonna have to agree with dave on the comment comment...

    chloe looks like she's in the rule of quarters. haha

    Good shot overall. I have the same shot somewhere... i'll post mine up and you can critique mine.

  5. great pics sus! you'll have to explain the rule of thirds to me more in detail, but whatever it is i'm liking it! you have turned into such an awesome photographer. wonder what you'd be doing in your spare time if it weren't for your honeymoon! :P