Monday, April 13, 2009

Star Struck in Kuwait

So as most of you know my husband Dave is in Kuwait. Alot of people assume that he's suffering out there, but things can't so be so bad if he's meeting celebrities. haha He won tickets to a premiere showing of the new Star Trek movie and got to meet the cast. Here is the guy who play's Spok. If any of you guys are HEROES fans like Dave and I are, you'll know that this is Sylar from the TV show Heroes!! I'm jealous.


  1. wow! so much fun!
    i can't wait to see star trek!!!

  2. wow, so cool!! jason is excited to see the star trek movie, too.

  3. It's hard to tell, but we're pointing at the camera as if we're slicing its head open.

    And the movie was awesome, especially if you're not a crybaby when the director takes some liberty with Star Trek lore.