Monday, March 23, 2009

Self Portraits

Ok so being that I'm so self absorbed, this week's assignment was a BREEZE!! hahaha Yes, we were asked to take self portraits of ourselves and I had a field day. There were so many more pictures I wanted to post, but I didn't want to bore you so here are my favorites. I wanted to try a blk/wht series too. Oh! and I forgot to mention, I used my new Manfrotto Tripod and I LOVE it!!


  1. poor bailey hahah. i love the ones with the light coming in thru the shade-glo

  2. i love the one with you sitting on the edge of the couch. looks like an ad for a high-end designer! and you look like a super-model! i just wish the shade shadows weren't on your face.

  3. nice! maybe ill take a stab at self portraits

    new website btw:

  4. My wife the photographer AND the model!

    I like #5 also, especially the way the stripes from your shirt work with the stripes from the blinds.

    #2 would be a huge insult down here. In Arab culture, it's extremely offensive to show the bottom of your foot, so you're basically flipping off all the Arabs who visit your site. Haha!

    I like #1 and #6, too!

  5. LOVE how you came out in these photos!!-tlee

  6. like #5 best -- so cool the stripes on the shirt and shadows from the blind.

    also like the blk/wht with bails =D