Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cherry Blossoms!!

So I had the privilege of accompanying Maggie Choi on one of her family photo shoots in Branch Brook Park (Newark, NJ). This park so beautiful with all its cherry blossoms and was literally a 5 min. drive from my house. Considering she made me get up at 6:30am, I was thrilled it was so close to my house. :D We had a fun morning of chasing Meagan around like paparazzi.


  1. OMG, Susan -- I love what you did!!!
    Thanks for being there!!!

  2. FYI: my baking blog:

  3. such a talented gal you are! can't wait for you to take pics of my kids in august!

  4. I especially like the 2nd to last and 3rd to last ones! Actually, I like the first two as well!

    I think you've taken too many pictures of kids. You need more dogs. Haha!

  5. i want to see photos of ms.B's baby!