Wednesday, July 31, 2013

River is ONE!! 1st Birthday - DC/ NOVA - Newborn/ Child/ Family Photographer

Finally, the day has more mashing baby food, no more mixing baby formula, no more stressing about food allergies (well, sorta), and hopefully, no more being trapped in the house because of River's two naps a day...well, that will be in the near future.  So, she is on whole milk now and though she is not a fan of it, she drinks it only out of Hunter's cup.  That part cracks me up!  I think it all boils down to River wanting whatever Hunter has.  She has gotten really good at waving hi/ bye, and she says "umma" (mom) quite frequently.  She refuses to eat anything but what is on my plate so before she even turned one, she was already eating salmon, tilapia, steak, pasta, and whatever gourmet dishes I cook up every night.  haha  (jk, I don't cook gourmet meals)  She STILL only has two bottom teeth, which makes me wonder, "How the heck is she chewing all this food?"  That is why God is a Master Creator.  Because even though things sometimes seem impossible, He made it all possible.  And though there are times I worry about her development and wonder why she still has no teeth or hair, I know our Father and Creator knows exactly the amount of hair on River's head and will raise her up to a Beloved Child of God with body parts and all.  
So finally, here is my little princess.  She still can not stand on her own, though she's done it for a few seconds here and there, so I propped her up on a box.  She is a moving target so it worked out well.  She was too afraid to move.  haha  

IMG_5738 IMG_5641 IMG_5692

CAKE SMASH!!  ok so I didn't have an extra cake so we had to use a cupcake.  Her birthday cake was made of fondant so I don't think there would've been much smashing with that one.
IMG_5768 IMG_5775 IMG_5780 IMG_5784
Here are photos from her party, which yours truly styled all on my own and spent countless months handmaking all these decorations.  And I wish I could say I'm glad it's all over, but I have a second party planned for her in a week.  I guess I'll be getting good use out of my decorations.
IMG_5464 IMG_5463 IMG_5465 IMG_5472
Ok so everyone wants family photos...but instead of posting the usual boring ones, I thought I would post the bloopers.  The shots that no one ever sees because it's not worth paying for.
IMG_5505 IMG_5493
Ok so I was so busy being mom, party planner, and photographer that I forgot to sing Happy Birthday to River before they cut the cake!!!  I was not happy.  So we lit up a cupcake instead.
The two miracles that God has gifted us with.

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