Sunday, January 31, 2010

Officer and a Gentleman

That was one of my favorite movies growing up. Who knew that I would actually marry one. haha Congrats to my hubs who passed all his interviews and is now on his way to being ordained in June. Although, I'm not liking the fact that people will actually have the right to call me a Pastor's wife now. haha As he was getting dressed for his final interview, I decided to take some portrait shots of him. Doesn't he look dashing? ;)
Oh, FYI, this is not his usual Navy uniform. Since he is currently stationed with the Marines, this is his Marines uniform. I always tell him he looks like he just popped out of a 1950's catalog.


  1. CONGRATS DAVE!!!!! :)

  2. congratulations david! and susan, great pics of your hubby and of denver.

  3. congrats dave!—you look like a bugle boy! -glo

  4. Thanks for posting these, my dear. I can always count on you to do exactly the opposite of what I ask you to. Haha!