Monday, January 18, 2010


I have to say, it is so nice being in an area surrounded by beaches and mountains. This past weekend, we took a hike in the mountains. The trail back up was extremely painful, but being surrounded by nature, without humidity and bugs, was beautiful. Here are the highlights of our afternoon.
This nifty fanny pack came in really handy!! I'm so glad he got this as a Christmas gift!!
My wonderful husband is looking for a large pine cone for me to take home. Seriously, these things were huge. They were like a freak of nature and I just had to have one! I think Zoe was trying to help him out too.
He's asking me which one I want, but of course I'm not really paying attention b/c I was too busy taking photos of him.
I was being silly and asked him to put his wedding band on the pine cone that we took home with us. That's me trying to be a wedding photographer. haha
So I found this tree that had a couples' carving on it. I asked Dave to carve our initials on it too, but he said it was vandalism, so he refused. So not romantic, my husband. haha So I did the next best thing. Photographed it and then photoshopped our initials into it when I got home.
Didn't I do a pretty good job?
Sorry, no photos of me because I looked like a complete bum.


  1. hahaha!
    love the photos & the initials thing was great!

  2. Wow! These are so nice, and you can hardly tell how annoyed I was that we kept stopping every 2 minutes! Haha!

  3. No tripod this time? You should bring it next time... right Dave??

  4. hahahahaha...yeah right. Dave starts twitching at the sound of the word "TRIPOD"!! hahaha

  5. love the tree initial idea...very clever sus!