Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Isaiah's 2nd Birthday

This is Isaiah and he turned 2 last week. He's the cutest little boy and like all kids, the minute I pulled out my camera, he started running away from me. So I had to do what I always do and just keep chasing him till there was no where to run. Moms must get a good workout from chasing their children all day. I guess I'll have plenty of practice.


  1. doesn't look like a kid running away from the camera to me! great photos susan! ~kelly k.

  2. your pictures get more and more gorgeous -- congrats!

    p.s. we have to find a time to take pictures next time you are in town!

  3. awesome pictures!!!! He is so cute and you got his expressions so well. I hope we get to take pictures w/ you before you leave.
    p.s. I will call soon. It has just been hard right now. when do you leave?