Thursday, June 25, 2009

Round 1 & 2 of the Little Lee's

Having fun with the niece and nephew again while the 'rents go out on the town. They are like the never ending energizing bunny - testing my patience as well as my shutter speed. hahaha Finally, in the end, my flash saved the day!!


This is how Richie likes to "play" in my apt b/c of the lack of toys. Being that I obsess over my furniture and keep plastic on my lamp shades, this does not make me happy.

After about an hour of trying to put them to bed, I gave in to their whims and started round 2 of photo-taking. All these shots were taken in complete darkness. cool eh?

Richie wanted to take a "family" photo. hahaha This was my fav out of the 10 we took. Pretty nasty but Johan was licking my TEETH the entire time but I couldn't shove him away in case the camera went off. There must've been something tasty on my teeth. gross!

This is the one that the 4 yr old boy insisted was the better shot b/c we are all looking into the camera, including Johan; despite their deer-in-the-headlights look. hahaha and yes I am wearing pajamas. And yes my hear is a mess from chasing them around the house all night. but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. :)



  1. hey sus, great pics once again. and t's kids are soooo cute! chloe looks like a mini version of soo. so this is what you do while dave's gone, eh? i'm sure your niece and nephew truly appreciate the time spent with you! r and t are lucky to have a great sitter like you!

  2. ooops, i never signed danny out from google i guess...the above comment was posted by me, kelly. :)

  3. nice pics! isn't it deer in headlights?

  4. Thank you for the correction Jin. hahaha I need an editor!! And thanks for clarifying, Kelly..I was like..'who's Danny?' haha :D

  5. Some of these photos are hilarious (5, 8, 21), some are glamorous (3, 14, 17, 19), and some are just gross (15, 20). I didn't realize Chloe was such a ham, too.

    Great shots, especially in low light!

  6. chloe and richie look stunned in the last photo. maybe yohan likes kimchi? you keep plastic on yoru lampshade? you really are the ajumah upstairs. hahaha these are great susan!!!