Sunday, April 28, 2013

Neutral Nursery - DC/ Alexandria/ NoVa, Family/ Child/ Newborn Photographer

This is River's nursery.  When Hunter was first born, I put into a lot of attention into decorating his nursery.  Everything had to match and be perfect and of course be completed before he was born.  Well, with the second child, it was a bit harder to get everything so perfect.  And of course, she was born and her nursery was not complete.  It was a constant work in progress.  It took me over a year to collect all the pieces that I needed to make it just right.  I had all these ideas for color.  But in the end, I went for a cream neutral palette and Voila!!  In between feedings and nap times, I managed to finally finish it.  

IMG_4675 Diptych 3 Diptych2 Diptych 1 IMG_4685 IMG_4684 Triptych
And of course, the nursery wouldn't be complete without the beautiful baby girl it was designed for.  Her smile just melts my heart every time.  
IMG_4715 IMG_4731

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