Sunday, May 8, 2011

Man's Best Friend

I wish I could take photos of Hunter more often. I feel like he's changing so fast, and I don't have a step-by-step account of it all. Especially b/c I don't want Dave to miss out on anything. But these impromptu shoots are always unplanned so I realized that he's always in his pj's or has stains all over his shirt or things don't match or his hair is a mess, etc. You get the picture. Anyways, this posting is no different. Again, he looks a little sloppy and then of course, I decided to just throw random hats on him. And then of course after it was over, I realized one of the hats was backwards the entire time. I guess it's more fun to look back at baby pictures and see them in the spur of the moment.
So as I was taking these photos, Zoe must've gotten jealous because she decided she wanted in on the action. or I think she's cuddling up to Hunter because she knows that the only way I"ll like her is if she's nice to Hunter. hahaha What a smart dog! Maybe I won't give her away after all.

This shot makes me laugh. It looks like they're having a man to man talk, and Zoe really seems to be interested in what Hunter is saying.
I know most people say that I should never trust a dog around a baby. But little do they know that it's not Zoe they should be afraid of. The entire time I was taking photos, Hunter was grabbing Zoe's mouth, pulling on her lip and her ear, pinching her skin, grabbing her fur, trying to eat her paw, and the whole time Zoe, like a big sister, just let him do whatever he wanted. But I thought I would only post the "Friendlier" shots. I don't want PETA after me. hahaha
And for all you germaphobes out there, with all the dog petting, yes I did give him a bath afterwards. Bubbletime!!

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