Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moore Kids' Portraits

It was just my luck to schedule a portrait session on the hottest day of the week with no A/C in the house. Nonetheless, the kiddies braved the heat and indulged my photographic whims by smiling for the camera and having fun.
Meet adorable brothers Alexander and Matthew. Matthew is just 3 months old!! I had so much fun watching them interact with each other...or should I say, watching Alexander pick on Matthew. Through all the goofiness, I can tell Alexander is going to be a great older brother to Matthew and can't wait to see them grow up together! He was such a ham!


  1. These are so cool! These kids look like they're modeling, and I know the photographer is one of the reasons why! =)

  2. sus, i wish you were around to photograph my kids when they were born! your son is going to be so lucky with all these awesome pics you take of him. btw, these 2 boys are adorable.
    ~kelly kwon

  3. i agree w/ kells!! can you take some pix of mine when we're out there? :P
    LOVE them! & LOVE that chair!!!!! is that yours?