Thursday, February 18, 2010

San Diego Zoo

I just love the zoo! Enough said...

Who knew that a lion's fart could travel that far!!
Meercat posing like the rock. Some people might say this is a phallic symbol.
Koala bear behind a glass window. He had a really bad itch on his butt that he wouldn't stop scratching. It was funny!
I'm jumping for joy that I actually get to photograph someone in front of all this bamboo, but my "patient" husband is not enjoying it one bit; if you haven't noticed. haha
Ok this time I did not have the patience to photoshop our names in there so just enjoy the nice picture of bamboo.


  1. nice!
    you'd better take your niece & nephew there!! :)

  2. Even the most patient person has a breaking point. Haha!

    I wish I had a spray distance of 7-10 feet...

  3. Susan! That Orangutan photo is just spectacular! It reminds me of my gorilla shot from the bronx zoo. Awesome!

  4. oooh love these pictures - i definitely need to take a visit to the zoo as soon as the weather warms up a bit more! can i ask - what did you shoot these with? great colour.