Monday, November 30, 2009


This was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. After 33 years of hating to cook, I was finally able to reach deep into my culinary instincts and whip up a meal that could've fed 10 people. Too bad my dinner was only for 4 people. haha Now it looks like the hubs and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving up until Christmas. So much for going on a diet after Thanksgiving.
So here's what was on the menu:
12lb Turkey, Baked Ziti, extra Stuffing, String Beans with Shallot, Corn on the Cob, Zucchini with Parmesan, Mashed Potatoes, Mac N Cheese (this is different from the one I used to cook), Salad, and Dinner Rolls. Gotta love the candle holders from Home Goods!!

Hubs insisted that I photograph him cutting the Turkey. This was also a first for him and ridiculous Hubs spent half an hour researching online on how to cut a Turkey. I said, 'what could be so hard about cutting a Turkey? Just take the knife and slice!' haha You did good Hubs!!

I figured I might as well show you my finally finished Living Room. But actually, I did change the floor lamp shade to something else and then plan on spray painting the base white. So..hmm...maybe I should've waited till I did all that. Especially since I have yet to fill all the empty frames. Gotta take more photos I guess!!

I am so proud of my bargain hunting skills!! I found the two side chairs on craigslist for only $275...FOR BOTH! What a steal!!


  1. love the new living room!! all you need is a cool rug to put a finishing tuoches. i haven't seen you on facebook lately. how are you? -Yon

  2. Wow, love the chairs and the whole theme. But how long are you going to keep the vinyl covers from the lamp shades??? ;) -nayavictoria