Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo Hiatus - Week 2 as a housewife.

Since I'm out of town and do not have my camera with me, I don't know what to do with myself. haha So I've been looking into new recipes and what I should cook for dinner for my wonderful husband! For those who did not know, Dave has returned from Kuwait, I've quit my career as a Designer, and now am trying to get settled in Mississippi (no, NOT Missouri) as an old fashioned housewife. It's been great so far. Every night has been a night of experimental cooking. First there was Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghetti, in which I almost burned the kitchen down and freaked out my husband. Then there was NaengMyun (a cold noodle korean dish). After that, there was Kalbi (another korean dish that I love). Followed by some delish hamburgers (that I made from scratch) and Spicy Italian Sausage sandwiches topped with sauteed onions and peppers, made by Yours Truly. And finally last night, I made Lemon Rosemary grilled chicken with Wild Grain rice. It was absolutely delish!! For those who know me, I once hated cooking. And now, I can't seem to stop. Even when Dave offered to take me out to Sushi last night, I declined so that I could try this rosemary chicken recipe. Keep in mind, b/c of my dislike of being in the kitchen, these are very easy recipes!! Prepared really fast!!
Hmm...what shall we eat tonight??
Ooh!! Next time, I'll be sure to have pictures of all the dishes. haha


  1. "Every night has been a night of experimental cooking"
    I'm sure this is true outside of kitchen as well? :)
    I'm so happy that you finally united with Dave and that you are enjoying cooking. I'm sure Dave is looking forward to and enjoying your fruit of love very much. We miss you already.
    In His grace,

  2. i'm so hungry!!!!

    hope i can taste your cooking!

    sending your sketches is on TO DO LIST for tomorrow. you should get it some time next wk.


    miss u.

  3. wow susan, that's the most i've heard of you cooking. could it be that you may soon develop a passion for cooking like you have for photography? i would love to taste your dishes! ~kelly